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Why Metal Business Cards Are a Better Investment vs Paper

Whether at a career conference or collaborative meeting, you’ve most likely been handed a business card at least once in your life. They were once an effective form of branding but are now usually lost in wallets or office boxes. However, with the arrival of metallic business cards, companies are able to create a bigger impact and retain attention for much longer than with paper cards. While paper cards haven’t been completely phased out, here’s why printing metal business cards are a much better option for your company.

It promises high quality

Most paper business cards will set you back $0.20 apiece, which doesn’t seem like a great expense. However, the time spent printing them can’t quite offset their fragility. A card made of paper will likely get ruined or torn over time.

A metallic business card, on the other hand, lasts for much longer and is more intriguing to its receiver. Because the effort that goes into producing a metal business card is far more apparent than the effort that goes into paper cards, your business will resonate with clients even more, and for a longer period of time.

It works for every industry

A versatile product for any industry, distributing metallic business cards are an excellent way to introduce your business. They create valuable business connections as you can hand them out at any given time, whether at a shopping mall or grocery store.

It creates a bold statement

A premium custom metal business card can make a bold statement. Distributing metal cards aren’t like distributing paper cards—you don’t just hand them out to anyone! They can convey a message stronger than a paper card would. If your cards are circulated, you stand a good chance of attracting new clients as the chain continues.

It shows that you’re prepared

Beyond passing on an email address or contact number, metal cards communicate to clients that you’re ready to face the market. It demonstrates a genuine interest in certain deals as well as professional confidence and loyalty.

It works regardless of its current limitations

Today, metal cards are only available in certain shades and take a lot of hard work to create different shapes. Despite these limitations, printers are beginning to adapt their methods, and your business will still be better off getting ahead of the game.

It’s environmentally friendly

In reducing the use of paper, metallic business cards help you play your part in the environment. Not only does it demonstrate your inclination towards the planet—but it also brings a classy and premium feel to the table.


Once a classic networking tool, business cards are now far more versatile than they once were and can help you stand out from your competitors. Whether you’re a business professional, a trade owner, an events group, or simply want to reinforce your personal branding, our experts at Metal Business Cards can help you find a point of difference.

We print premium metal business cards for any industry in Australia. We believe that business cards are a powerful tool for promoting your business—contact us now.

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