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5 Features of Metal Business Cards

A business card is an excellent promotional material that can be handed to all your stakeholders—from colleagues to third-party vendors down to external clients. This marketing tool can be easily passed on from one person to another. It bears your name, profession, company’s name, and pertinent contact information.

If you’ve been in a certain industry doing business for quite a while, you might have already handed out thousands of business cards to clients or customers. At this juncture, however, why not take your business cards to the next level? Consider having metal business cards instead.

If you’re wondering why metal business cards work better, here are five essential features you can rely on.

1. Tactility

What’s great about a metal business card is how it promotes your brand in a tangible way. This touchable medium in itself evokes a certain feeling of excitement and trust among the recipients. This marketing tool resonates well with your target market and business partners. There’s a huge difference between a regular business card and your metal business card. The latter surely is more tactile that can stir the customers’ sense of touch.

2. Portability

Another good reason to use a metal business card is how it can be passed on from one person to another. Sure enough, you have a fair share of giving out business cards before, only to find out they’ve been tossed out in the garbage. With metal business cards, you’ll less likely have your cards thrown in the trash bin. In fact, your recipients will more likely share these metal cards with their colleagues. That can translate into the power of referrals.

3. Heaviness

A metal business card bears weight. It is a lot heavier than your regular business card. In fact, there’s a psychological bearing in a heavy metal business card compared to a piece of paper, apart from its appearance and prestige. Think about the metal credit or debit card aficionados across the world, or electronic enthusiasts using gadgets with metal components. The thing is, any piece of metal is considered sophistication.

4. Unique story-telling

The use of a metal business card tells a story in a different light. As per the Canadian communication thinker Marshall McLuhan, the medium is the message. This means that the marketing tool you use already conveys a particular message, other than the texts on your card. A metal business card resonates well with the recipients as compared to a regular business card. This marketing tool in itself implies how well your business invests in materials and gives utmost focus on your marketing. Your clients or customers will definitely have a good impression of you and your business.

5. Visually appealing

Finally, a metal business card looks better than a regular business card. It is aesthetically beautiful yet highly functional for your business. If a client compares a handful of business cards he receives, your metal business card will surely stand out. That’s a plus point for your business!


Metal business cards are way better than the regular business cards you’ve been using for ages. As outlined above, metal business cards are tactile, portable, heavy, unique (in terms of conveying a message), and visually appealing (that does stand out).

It’s about time to spruce up your business card to the next level by promoting your name and brand in the best way possible.

We at Metal Business Cards Australia know that your choice of metal business cards screams sophistication. If you need metal business cards, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


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