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Everything you need to know about Metal Business Cards!

Metal business cards are widely popular because of its professional appeal. Gone are the days when companies printed paper cards as their form of contact material. If you want to step up your game and have a better representation, you might want to consider getting this professional upgrade for your company.

Before you order your first set of metal business cards, it’s essential that you know various information regarding them. Typically, there are two types of metal business cards that you can choose from, which are laser-cut metal and chemical etching cut.

Laser-Cut Metal

If you need the metal cards right away, then you should order type made from laser-cut metal. Furthermore, if you need a thicker card more than the standard size, then this is the way to go. This type of business card uses a laser machine that emits a high-density laser beam. Its beam stays straight, and it moves along with the coaxial to make a die-cut engravement. As a result, you can get them delivered quickly.

Chemical Etching Cut

A chemical etching cut metal business card involves potent high-pressure and high-temperature chemicals. With this method, it can create unique patterns on the surface, and it goes through an etching machine that stimulates the acid reaction. This type of business card is perfect for those who don’t need cards that are not too thick yet want to have professional-looking materials.

After figuring out which type you will choose, here are some tips to help you find the right metal business card:

Choose the right shape: Metal business cards can come in various shapes, depending on the type of business that you represent.

Choose the right size: Keep in mind that you can always deviate from the standard business card sizes and thickness. Make sure not to make the card too big or small.

Choose the right thickness: Know that the price will be higher if the card is thicker. Still, it’s essential to determine the right thickness for your metal business cards. You can go super thin or super thick.

Consider electroplating: Some metal cards tend to chip away and lose their colour over time. Avoid this situation by considering electroplating. With this option, electricity is used to deposit an extra layer of any desired metal on the initial metal.

Have it diet-cut: Die-cuts can make your cards look and feel unique. Through the die-cutting process, you can create various designs and even make your logos die cut.


There are many manufacturers of metal business cards in today’s industries. Keep in mind that other than using them as a material for contact information, you can use metal cards for other aspects of your business, such as for marketing and promotional materials.

To find the right manufacturer, you need to do your research well. Find a reputable company that has years of experience in the industry to ensure that you will get the best quality of metal cards. Performing online research will also be beneficial as well as referrals from trusted colleagues and friends who have experience in metal business cards.

Metal business cards will be a game-changer when you hand it to your clients and other industry leaders at events. It will undoubtedly have a good impression that will reflect positively on your brand.

Stand out from your competition with our metal business cards; the perfect solution to ramp up your networking game in your business. Our Australia based team are ready to assist you, contact us for more information!

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