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5 News Trends On Metal Business Cards 2020

People who are not acquainted with your brand will most likely build their first impression about you based on your business card. Know that this card carries your brand identity, which is why it must be designed with high standards. Additionally, your business card can help you stand out against your competitors.

If you want to design a unique company card, here are five trends that you can follow this 2020:

Trend #1: Engraving or embossing the company name

Many companies today add texture to their marketing material. To make their name noticeable, they either engrave or emboss their names on the cards. These are two effective ways of making your business card stand out from your competitors.

When people keep on “feeling” the name in your card, there’s a higher possibility that it will be easier for them to remember it. For this reason, they will likely recognise your company name whenever they bumped into it anywhere they go.

Trend #2: Making cards out of metal or wood

A traditional and standard option is made of different grades of paper. Some even upgrade their cards by using coloured, textured, or scented ones. Today, many companies use metal or wood material in making their cards because they are a total upgrade from the standards.

Making your business material unique will catch the attention of your business connections. However, make sure that the materials you will use reflect your branding, especially your business industry.

Trend #3: Placing a logo or icon using laser-cut techniques

Today, the most effective way of making people recognise your brand is to present your logo. Unlike before, businesses today place their logos on their company cards so that people can quickly identify their business when they see their logo online or on any other platform.

For a more levelled up design, you can incorporate a laser-cut logo to your card. This design will make it stand out and become more recognisable. People love good design, so be creative as you can be.

Trend #4: Using transparent cards

Transparent materials will easily make your business card look expensive and sophisticated. Also, people can easily read your text with this since it directs their eyes toward the details on your card. Transparent options are suitable for businesses that specialise in design services because they can showcase their creativity using only the basic features.

Trend #5: Branding through custom shape

Standard business cards follow a specific dimension. The idea with this design is so it can fit the standard wallet cardholder, allowing recipients to keep it with them. You can still get creative while following the standards by cutting the edges round. If you want to have an extremely unique card, you can cut it to the shape of your logo. In this way, people can easily recognise your brand wherever they go.


An effective design can say so much about your business, which is why everything that you put in your card must reflect your brand identity and objectives. You can get creative with your design, but make sure not to compromise your branding.

If you want to have premium metal business cards in Australia, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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